Content vs Meta Content

i admire blogs like jim the realtor for creating new content. each video that jim does adds something to the internet, and reflects his knowledge and interests in a positive way.

on the other hand, i admire blogs like naked capitalism and the big picture because they take content that is in the news or otherwise being talked about and give me their own analysis. they also find themes and discuss technical details that are in their wheelhouses, and it’s nice to get folks with some kind of relevant expertise weighing in, in their own words.

i’ve had trouble figuring out whether i want to write content like jim or meta-content like naked capitalism or the big picture. both blogs stray from time to time, but they work because they mostly stick to their content or meta-content theme. the content blog seems like it is the more fulfilling one, but having a subject to care that deeply about is enough of an obstacle that i have had trouble getting started.

side note — i wish that i still had google reader feeding my starred items into this blog. i don’t want to re-blog other’s articles, i just want to point them out as interesting.

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