TOH YouTube

this is one of the best things i’ve stumbled upon in a long time: the This Old House YouTube channel!

you can set up episode one from any of the seasons they have uploaded and just watch straight through the entire season. and since YouTube has chromecast support built in, you can do it all on your TV using your phone to control it.

i guess my newfound stab at productivity is completely out the window!

A Change

i’m trying something new here. i switched up the theme to one that i liked but didn’t design. (i’m not a WP theme designer)

i also decided to stay with WP instead of trying some other software. the reality is that WP does what i need, which is stores my posts and makes them publishable. i don’t really need anything fancier than that. (i’m not a blog feature hacker)

i did choose to stay with my own host, though, because ultimately i do like to tinker, and i don’t want to close myself out of it. (i am a bit of a nerd)

i’m writing a bunch of posts, but i’m keeping them all private. i’m hoping to get writing again, but i don’t feel like i’m writing anything particularly worth reading yet. (i can write, but i’m not a writer… yet)

we’ll see where this goes. if i’m really clever, i’ll start editing the posts that i’ve already written and publish them, but i don’t want to put any pressure on myself just yet. it’s hard enough to get the momentum of writing going in the first place.